Welcome to my blog :)

Like the title says welcome to my new blog. I hope to update this a little more often than my webpage which had just turned into a download center for my projects.

I also hope to make this a bit more interesting by writing about projects I am currently working on. I enjoy reading similar pages by others such as tmbinc’s blog and bunnie’s blog, so I thought I’d give it a go.

22 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog :)

  1. I recently used your XEX_Loaders_v1.1_for_IDA_v5.2, it’s a great tool and it helps a lot. But although it works fine most times, when I try to load the Star Ocea* 4’s xex, it report EAccess violation and jump out immediately. So I just report this bug and hope it will be fixed when next version is available.
    Keep on greate work!Thank you!

  2. sorry for the reply, it’s my bad. I forget about the PPC :-), so sorry….
    Any way, you’re great!Thanks again…

  3. Sorry to annoy, but when I finished loading, the error come again. So, it’s indeed a bug

  4. I have recently updated the compression rountines which could be the problem, but I also need to fix up the memleak bug and I’ll release another version. Hopefully I’ll get around to this in the not too distant future.

  5. Ah, thanks again.. Very happy to see you are still working on XEX_Loaders, eager to see the new release.. :-)
    Also, congratulations on the new blog

  6. New Xbox360 Disc Protections …. how sure are you about 1) and 2) in your article?
    I mean I’m not doubting your knowledge but I’m just saying anyone can come up with a similar or worse Theory (worse as in bringing bad news)

  7. The fact that I list 3 possibilities should answer that. If I was sure I would have written just 1. Also while anyone could come up with wild guesses at possibilities I used knowledge I gained through my own research into the current protections. (And I mean real research not just reading forum posts)

  8. In Songcrypt I get an “error decrypting pss” for the new RB DLC, will you ever be able to recode it to make it work?

  9. No sorry, the encryption on PSS files has obviously changed.

    I initially worked on these tools while I was an avid fan of Rockband in the hope of opening up content creation for fans of the game. However upon release of my decryptor tools I was asked by the makers of Rockband to take them down in order to protect their content and therefore allow the franchise to continue to provide original tracks by big name bands.

    Being that I was a fan of the game I didn’t want to be responsible for it’s demise, so I took them down and decided not to continue supporting them. The suggestion of potential legal ramifications was also something I did not want to have to deal with considering the tools were made merely from a hobbiest perspective.

  10. Hey man,
    Im sure you have been bombarded with requests but could I bother you to at least give some of us Beatles fans a hint as to what the actual encryption type is for say the xbox360 version? I know you don’t just want a method out there so people can steal. But man, I am willing to learn ANYTHING to be able to hear Beatles Music seperated.
    Could you drop even the smallest hint in the proper direction?
    Thanks either way,

  11. The encryption is not just a simple algorithm with a single key, there are many stages to the encryption that includes some xbox360 specific parts that you cannot decrypt without delving deeply into the working of the xbox360 itself.

    There is a reason that no one else has decrypted these before or since my tools did.

  12. You would work out the encryption the same as you would with any decrypted data. If you do not know how to do this, then this is not the game to start with.

  13. If someone had access to the source code for ARKtool 6.1/SongCrypt would it be possible to modify the code so that it would work with the newest encryption? Or have hey done alot more than just change the encryption key?
    Also if you dont want to be bothered please feel free to delete my post. Thanks

  14. Obviously it’s not something Ill ever be able to crack but…Can you give examples of some of the things they “might” have changed as it sure is interesting to research…

  15. I understand your reasoning for stopping development on this tool, and I also understand Harmonix reasoning for getting so worried also.

    “…the suggestion of potential legal ramifications was also somet..”

    ^I definitely find this statement interesting though. Considering the fact that if you legally own the game, the home recording act passed in 1992 would constitute a legal backup copy of any digital media you own. You weren’t posting mogg files, you were posting a tool, that did nothing illegal.

    I can carry my TV outside and break it over someones head and kill them, how does that make the company that made the TV in breach of the law? I’m sure you understand this, but if Harmonix fed you a story telling you that your tool would contribute to their demise that’s preposterous. Anything in tangible form can, and ultimately will make its way onto the internet. There is no fucking way that greedy major record labels are going to stop supplying game makers like RB, or GH with multitracks because someone has hacked their encryption. The royalties/points gained from these games by people in the music industry are simply too high to ignore.

    Piracy sucks, it really does, but that’s something we’ve learned to deal with in the media world. As a Freelance Audio Engineer, it irks me to know that sitting in my living room is a pretty cool game that I have grown bored of, that would absolutely blow my mind if I could extract some of the files on there and have some fun in Protools.

    Scare tactics buddy, major labels aren’t going to be hanging in there too much longer, their greed has consumed them, copyrights are going to die out eventually and all this copyrighted audio will become public domain, hopefully our kids’ kids get to play around and practice mixing/mashing some of these songs….but I would like to end this post with a huge thank you. Without you, and your intuitive tool, it’s very possible that the songs we were able to extract and mess around with.. would be the same songs that only our future ancestors would of been able to enjoy.

    Appreciate all the hard work man, hope this post didn’t come off mean/douchebag-ish.

  16. hello xorloser.Im very concerned with the reliability of abgx as a means to patch 360backups.i recently got banned the day before MW2’s release but i can’t help but think i never loaded any wave 4 games and all my titles were verified and stealth patched

    1.could it be ms has conections with pressing plants with regards to those whom autopatch with level 3.(aka a bad rip that’s not been pressed to use for your region)
    2.AP 2.5 or ss v3 has been implemented by which is injected onto new disc’s.therefore first ss timestamps are double checked with ss v3 checks stored on EEPRom or flash
    3.flashing your dvd drive with the console’s powerunit setting a flag

    it just seems so strange cause i never played a game before release although i did autopatch lv 3 some rips which may be the problem.either than that i dont really have a clue how they caught on to me and it bothers me that some of my friends have been running ixtreme 1.2 and are not banned

  17. also strange is i double checked with schtrom360xtract and nada.(steath and verification passed)

  18. Do you have released an update to your XEX_Loaders_v1.1_for_IDA_v5.2? If so would you post a link to it…
    Best regards

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