XexTool v6.1 Update + more

Here is a small update for XexTool and the Xex Loader for IDA to fix some reported bugs.

This adds some enhancements to the IDC file creation in XexTool to bring it as close to the level of the Xex Loader plugin as is possible with a script. It also adds checks to ensure the file was loaded as a Binary PPC file. It is a common mistake to use IDAs default option of “Load as a PE file”  so this will now catch this error and warn the user.

This update also fixes a bug in the Xex Loader for IDA that stopped it being usable in some versions of IDA such as v5.5. It is recommended to use this update even if the last version gave you no noticable issues.

Lastly I’ve also included the latest revision of the “PPC Altivec” plugin for IDA. This was a plugin originally created by Dean Ashton to add Altivec and VMX support to IDAs PPC processor module. It is now up to v1.8 and has been added to and tweaked by many people including myself. This plugin now also adds support to IDA for the processor specific instructions available on PS3 (CellBE), Xbox360 (Xenon) and Gamecube/Wii (Gekko). Continue reading