Why is the Wii’s wireless so crap?

Now that my blog is up I have a virtual license to rant!

Now what shits me most about the Wii is it’s wireless networking. Why does it not like to work? I have used many wireless devices on my current router with no troubles, but the Wii only works about 1 in 20 times, and even then it only seems to work for a short amount of time.

I’ve tried all of Nintendo’s suggestions like moving the Wii, channel 1 or 11, static ip, mixed mode B+G etc. Nothing works.

Being the friend he is, Google pats me on the back and assures me that I am not alone in my struggles. Wireless networking is not a new technology, it really should not cause such issues, especially on a device that only provides wireless and no built in Ethernet port.

PS3 SelfTool

SelfTool v1.0 – Download

SelfTool Example Results

I’ve finally gotten around to finishing my SelfTool for manipulating Self and Sprx files. Self files are like exe files for the PS3 and Sprx files are like dll files for the PS3.

Among other things, SelfTool can be used to print out information stored in the file in a readable format to make studying them easier.

NOTE: This DOES NOT enable booting of copied games in any way. It also does not support decrypting or encrypting of self/sprx files. It is really only useful for those who are interested in looking a bit deeper at self/sprx files.

New Xbox360 Disc Protections? Bans to follow?

I noticed the other day that when FIFA’09 for Xbox360 is patched with the latest update, the flags that specify what media the game is allowed to run from have changed. Originally it was allowed to boot from a standard original Xbox360 disc, however now it is only allowed to boot from a new media type which is basically an updated version of the original Xbox360 disc type. Continue reading