Bruteforcing AES encrypted data

When it comes to cryptography algorithms the topic of bruteforcing them appears often, however is rarely dealt with in a satisfying way. Usually such a discussion will start with someone asking “Why not just bruteforce it?” and end with someone stating “It is not possible, it would take too long”. Occasionally someone will chip in with “Why not randomly guess it? You might get lucky”. So one day I decided to  find out if it is possible, and if not, to at least get an idea of just how long “too long” is.

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Cryptography For Dummies

This is a very basic overview of some common cryptographic terms and techniques employed not just in videogame consoles but universally. I will make generalisations in order to simplify the explanations, so I urge you to read more elsewhere to get a fuller understanding. Bruce Schneier’s Applied Cryptography is widely regarded as the best introduction and reference book on cryptography. Continue reading